John Corabi Says He’s Never Said Anything Bad About Nikki Sixx And Mötley Crüe

Former Mötley Crüe frontman John Corabi recently spoke to Stefan Adika’s Artists On Record and explained that he has never made negative statements about any Mötley Crüe members, including Nikki Sixx.

Even though Corabi took over the vocal duties of Mötley Crüe between 1992 and 1997 after Vince Neil’s departure, he had to leave the band when his works with Crüe sold less than the band’s previous efforts. The band’s record company forced them to take Neil back if they wanted funds to record the new album. Although over two decades have passed since then, John Corabi has kept interacting with his former bandmates, especially Nikki Sixx, by making some public statements.

Their controversial remarks about each other started a feud between the two artists. However, Corabi said later that he didn’t have any problems with Nikki Sixx, despite what the press showed. The former Crüe singer added that he had some personal issues at the time, which were not related to his bandmates. During a new conversation, the rocker confirmed his previous statement by clarifying that he doesn’t have a problem with anybody, including Sixx.

Corabi explained that they’d said some words about each other in the last couple of years, but he had never said anything before that. The singer stated that he’s never had any feuds with Mötley Crüe or any other musicians he’s worked with. He also hasn’t had a beef with any woman he’s been married to except Layla Norris. Corabi said he has never said anything bad about the Mötley Crüe members, yet he knows he will get an answer if he opens his mouth.

The interviewer said:

“You truly don’t have a beef with Nikki Sixx. You got no problem with nobody.”

Corabi confirmed:

“No, I don’t have an issue with any of those guys. There may be some things here and there the last couple of years, but up until all this sh*t started with Nikki and I just maybe a year or two ago, I’ve never said anything sh*tty about any of those guys. I’m what it is, what it is kind of a guy, so I don’t really have a beef with anybody I’ve ever been in a band with except for Layla.

I don’t really have a beef with any of the girls I’ve been married to. So I’m not that guy, but if you open your mouth, if you open the can, then expect a retort. That’s how it is.”

You can listen to the entire conversation below.