Tracii Guns Reacts To ‘Money-Grabbing’ Claims Against Phil Anselmo’s Pantera Reunion Shows

L.A. Guns’ Tracii Guns has reacted to the money grabbing claims Pantera has been facing for their reunion shows.

Guns recently saw a Pantera show, and shared his thoughts about the live performance on his X. He wrote:

“Watched Pantera at the Palladium in LA from 1992 last night. Untouchable. The emotion coming of that stage matched with the sound and swagger of those 4 people is unmatched by anyone. Rex and Vinnie as a team were so solid in their complexity allowing Phil and Dime to go nuts, wow.”

After sharing his positive comments about the original Pantera lineup, he was asked for his opinion about the current reunion concerts with:

“And what do you think of the money grab now?”

Guns described these concerts as:


Is It Really A Money Grab?

Since Pantera’s reunion back in 2022, many people and news sources claimed that the band was returning for money and not for fans. Dimebag Darrell’s guitar tech Grady Champion addressed the claims on his social media accounts in the same year. The guitar tech mentioned dedication and experience in a now-deleted post:

“Anyone that brings up ‘money grab’ has no concept of reality. How much it takes from people to do this. More dedication that you’ll ever see, tears, all of it. If you want to hate, don’t go, I don’t want to hear it. If you want a Pantera experience, this is it. We’re giving it hell, and going to give it all there is to give. Philip, Rex Brown, Zakk and Char Benante are going to bring it.”

The official members haven’t made any comments about the money-grabbing accusations yet.