John Corabi Names The Singers Mötley Crüe Auditioned To Replace Vince Neil

During his recent appearance on The SDR Show, former Mötley Crüe singer John Corabi shared his ideas about the band’s potential candidates to be the new frontman after Vince Neil. The singers Corabi unveiled had very different styles, and Mötley Crüe hasn’t confirmed these names yet.

During the early ’90s, Neil’s alcohol addiction started becoming more destructive to his personal life and professional musical career, even though the other band members also suffered from drug and alcohol abuse. The singer was slowly losing his ability to sing and couldn’t show up for some rehearsals, which made Sixx, Lee, and Mars disappointed and angry despite the years they spent together while creating and performing.

Thus, the remaining members had to make a tough decision, and Neil parted ways with the band following this disagreement, but the frontman claimed that his bandmates fired him in 1992. Mötley Crüe needed to find a new vocalist and began thinking about various singers before hiring Corabi. According to Sebastian Bach, Mötley Crüe asked him to join them, and he refused, although the bassist Nikki Sixx refuted his claims.

Per Corabi’s words, he heard that the band considered Mark Turin, Journey’s Steve Perry, Mark Green, and Sebastian Bach. The famous singer highlighted that he didn’t see them in an audition or jamming, so he heard rumors about these singers. Green said he didn’t have time to work with them, and he offered Corabi. However, Corabi is still unsure whether these names were up for the role or not.

Here’s what the host asked:

“To my knowledge, there were no other singers up for the role at the time. They wanted you. You said, ‘Yes.’ That was it or no?”

Corabi responded:

“I wouldn’t say that. I don’t know for sure. I believe I was told that they had a few different people come down; Mark Turin and Sebastian Bach. I was told in some weird whatever that they had even jammed with Steve Perry, which I don’t see. I don’t know how that would have worked.

I don’t know for sure who came down. I’ve talked to Mark Green, and he was like, ‘I went down and jammed, but I couldn’t do it. I was getting ready to do something else. So I suggested you.’ I don’t know if there’s any truth to that or not, but it is what it is.”

You can watch the interview below.