Sebastian Bach’s Recent Statement Might Ignite A Feud With Nikki Sixx


There might be a reemergence of an old feud between Mötley Crüe’s Nikki Sixx and Sebastian Bach about whether or not the band asked Bach to join them after firing Vince Neil. 

In 2013, the successful singer Sebastian Bach stated that he was asked to join Mötley Crüe after a conflict with the lead singer Vince Neil. However, the band’s bassist Nikki Sixx denied his claims in one of the radio programs he did back then. After his denial, Bach shared a video on his Facebook showing a video of Sixx stating that the band and Sebastian Bach have been rehearsing together. 

However, Sixx said this isn’t true and continued to talk about their problems with Neil. Although the band had left their messed-up days behind and went sober, Neil didn’t, which created many disputes. Nikki stated that even though that was the case, Bach was never a part of the plan of Mötley Crüe’s future.

Here is what he stated in his radio show:

“Sebastian Bach, who was the lead singer from Skid Row — and I still think he should still be in Skid Row, and I’ve talked to all of them about that many times; they just can’t along — he says that Mötley Crüe wanted him to replace Vince Neil. And I’m just gonna say right now that is absolutely not true.

That was part of the problem — that Vince wasn’t sober, and we all were. And that’s kind of part of what the big blowup was all about. In the end, we should have worked through our differences – Mötley Crüe should have, with Vince, and be where we are today – but we didn’t. We were young, and we didn’t have managers at the time who were strong enough to say, ‘Hey, guys, this is the wrong thing to do.’ But Sebastian Bach was never part of this master plan, that’s for sure. So I want people to know that.”

Eight years have passed since Sixx denied these claims, but it seems that Bach is emerging this conversation once again. A Twitter user stated that Bach would be great in Mötley Crüe, and the singer replied by simply typing ‘Did,’ implying that he already performed with the band before. 

A fan tweeted an explanation stating:

“I was wondering what you meant by ‘Did’ and so I Googled if you already did join but found an article about a bit of a rift between you and Nikki. Sorry didn’t mean any disrespect, and had no idea. It’s just that I can hear your voice sounding kick ass on ‘Shout at The Devil'”

The singer replied to them by stating ‘Ask & ye shall,’ and gave a link to one of his live performances with John 5 singing one of Mötley Crüe’s most successful songs, ‘Shout at the Devil.’ It seems like the successful singer believes that Mötley Crüe wanted him, but he doesn’t know why they would deny the fact at all. This whole thing might be a miscommunication between Sixx and Bach, or it may be a spark for the future feud between the two. 

You can see Bach’s tweets below.