Joey Santiago Reveals The Only Rule Pixies Have

Joey Santiago is a member of Pixies, a band praised for their unique sound as they aimed to avoid melodic choices that lead to a generic sound. In a recent interview with Music Radar, Santiago talked about the band’s one rule and how they pushed themselves to try new things and avoid leaning into the traditional blues framework.

“The only rule we had, really was to try and get away from the standard 12-bar blues framework,” revealed Santiago, sharing the route they took as a band to create a different sound in their music. “Not that we had anything against it. I love the blues and AC/DC, but music is allowed to do different things, just like every other aspect of life.”

He continued, “And I’m not just talking about art. Let’s take television sets: if the design never changed, we’d all still be sitting there with massive TVs that weighed a ton and didn’t have any remotes. The blues rock thing is still out there, and you can still enjoy it, but there are other things for you to try.”

Their main aim as the Pixies was to avoid getting stuck in the loop of creating the same thing repeatedly, so the band tried to evolve. Santiago shared that this rule pushed the Pixies to branch out as one should do with anything in life; for instance, instead of keeping the same old TV, you can try out the new models whose designs will positively affect your viewing experience.

There aren’t many bands that have been able to push the boundaries of traditional sounds and acquire a unique sound, like the Pixies. Even though the band didn’t start their journey in the industry to create a groundbreaking sound different from anything they had heard, they were clearly determined to experiment with their craft.