The Story Behind Bruce Springsteen’s Nickname ‘The Boss’

Bruce Springsteen had a successful career span of 57 years that started when he gained recognition with his 1975 album ‘Born to Run.’ The album received a lot of praise from the critics, who eventually labeled the album as one of the greatest records of all time. Although he made a name for himself as a solo musician, E Street Band has been his primary backup band since 1972. The band was inducted to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2014 and has helped Springsteen become the world star he is today with the nickname ‘The Boss.’

Many successful rock and roll musicians have earned nicknames during their careers. For example, Eric Clapton is also known as ‘Slowhand,’ and Ozzy Osbourne is the ‘Prince of Darkness.’ They all have an origin story that explains why people called them by those nicknames. However, Springsteen’s way of getting the name ‘The Boss’ has a more different and socially aware reason than other musicians.

What Are The Theories Behind The Nickname ‘The Boss?’

One theory that strikes fans the most was a theory created by a fan. Springsteen would play Monopoly a lot with the E Street Band, and generally, he would win. This eventually made him earn the title ‘The Boss.’ Another theory was again about his dominance, but this time not in the game, but the music industry.

Springsteen has always been an authoritative figure in the rock and roll world. He has made his name known worldwide with his talents and has always followed his own path and high standards. He would rule the stage with his long performances singing lyrics that spread social messages.

What Is The Meaning Behind Bruce Springsteen’s Nickname?

After the theories that indicated that he got the nickname because of his dominance over many areas, the real reason makes a person admire the musician even more. Normally, bands do not split their earnings equally. They often share the royalties according to their contribution to the band’s songwriting and performing process.

Springsteen was the money collector when he performed with E Street Band. Although he was considered the leader of the band, he always split the earnings equally between the band members. This gesture earned him the nickname ‘The Boss,’ and it stuck with him since his early days.

Although he rightfully earned the nickname, the singer is not really happy with being called a Boss. Before he went up to stage to perform his iconic album ‘Born to Run,’ he would say, ‘nobody wins unless everybody wins.’ This phrase was considered the motto of his 1975 album because his songs discussed the struggles of the working class. Clearly, he didn’t like being called the Boss since he hated bosses in general and didn’t want to be considered one.