Joe Walsh On Reuniting Taylor Hawkins’ All-Time Favorite Band

The tribute shows held in Taylor Hawkins’ memory gave an opportunity for the cult figures of rock join forces and take the stage together. The Eagles’ Joe Walsh was among the rockers who appreciated the tribute shows as he discussed with Consequence about bringing the community together for the drummer’s memory and how he had reunited Hawkins’ favorite band for the concerts.

Taylor Hawkins’ tribute was almost a rock hall parade since various icons, from Brian May to Lars Ulrich, performed during the shows. Joe Walsh, however, seemed to have a special bond with Taylor as he disclosed that the drummer had told him numerous times that Walsh’s band, the James Gang, was an all-time favorite of his.

“Taylor Hawkins, his favorite band in the whole world, was the James Gang,” said Walsh. “He told me that many times. And when Dave Grohl decided to do some concerts in memory of Taylor, I thought about it and said, ‘What if I get the James Gang together to be part of this?’ And he thought that was the best idea he’d heard in a long time.”

He continued by emphasizing how the tribute brought the rock scene together. “It was a beautiful thing. The greenroom backstage was just full of everybody. A lot of us had known each other for years and years and years, and the whole community got together in remembrance of Taylor.”

Walsh also recalled the old days. He said, “In the old days when you played outside, and you had three or four headliners, backstage used to be like that. You would have everybody hanging out backstage and trading stories and making plans.”

“And those days are gone now,” Joe Walsh admitted. “But [the tribute show] reminded me of that. Taylor’s backstage scene was a great collection of artists getting together, and a lot of us met each other for the first time. And there’s a hole in my heart and Taylor’s missing, but I’m grateful for the time he was in my life.”

It is apparent that Hawkins was loved and respected both as a rocker and a human being. Thus, his passing brought various cult names of the rock scene together and even encouraged the reunion of his favorite band, James Gang.