Joe Satriani Says He Wrote ‘Faceless’ Based On ‘Somebody Being Truly Lost’

Joe Satriani recently spoke about his first single, ‘Faceless’ from his most recent album, ‘The Elephants Of Mars,’ and told the process of creating the song. He said it’s a song about being truly lost, especially during the pandemic.

Unfortunately, the pandemic has affected the world negatively as most countries went through a socially distanced period where people didn’t see each other for months. These restrictions created many psychological problems among individuals, and creative people expressed their loneliness through art.

Musicians also got very creative during the two years filled with regulations. Many bands released new albums and songs inspired by the current state of the world with a global pandemic. The Chickenfoot guitarist Joe Satriani also released a record after the two-year halt and was inspired by the worldwide pandemic in its debut single, ‘Faceless.’

The guitarist stated in his interview that he wrote about someone being truly lost, and the song came after being inspired by seeing people walking on the street with masks and not saying hello to each other. They were trying to protect themselves from the virus by avoiding each other, which inspired Joe Satriani.

About creating ‘Faceless,’ Satriani said:

“That was something that I was feeling about somebody being truly lost, and I developed a film in my head and then wrote the music to the film. The song ‘Faceless’ came to me as I realized that out in the neighborhood, walking around everyone with masks and everything, we were becoming faceless.

Even people that knew each other wouldn’t say hello on the street, everyone was protecting themselves to protect each other, and I started thinking how that would relate to how we are as human beings. Every single song had some interesting story that was different from the next.”

You can listen to the song below.