Jonathan Davis Says He Would Sacrifice Korn For One Condition

Jonathan Davis is ready to sacrifice his band for one thing only.

In a new interview with Metal Hammer, the rocker talked about his family and his music life. Due to his busy schedule, Davis can’t get to spend most of his time with his family. He explained how the two can exist together and that his family is one of the things he would sacrifice Korn for:

“I’ve got music and my family. They’ve got to co-exist together. One’s not more important than the other. If it was my son or music, I would choose my son! But there are sacrifices. I’m always gone and on the road.”

So, if he ever stopped making music, we know why.

How Fatherhood Changed Davis

These days, Davis prefers the comfort of indoor life with his three kids. His sons Pirate, Zeppelin, and Nathan are apparently what changed the life of the Korn rocker.

In an interview with Orlando Sentinel, the frontman explained how fatherhood changed him and how it affects his musical life now. He said of his sons:

“They’re the only reason I’m here doing what I do and I’m still on this planet.”

Today, Davis lives with his wife and kids. But the rocker will be leaving home for his solo tour once again.