Gene Simmons And Paul Stanley Never Considered Rehiring Ace Frehley, According To Ex-KISS Manager

Former KISS manager Larry Mazer recently joined an interview with Andrew Daly from VWMusic and revealed that Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley never thought about rehiring Ace Frehley.

After playing with several local bands, Ace Frehley became KISS’ lead guitarist and one of the band’s four original members in the early ’70s. He joined among the most famous guitar players of the era with his melodic and explosive playing style. After appearing in the band’s first nine albums, he departed from KISS in 1982 due to the creative and personal tensions with the rest of the group.

Following his split from KISS, Frehley put his solo band together, yet the band failed to reach commercial success. The guitarist didn’t entirely cut ties with his former bandmates, though. Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons were always open to the idea of Frehley making onstage appearances. While KISS was preparing for their ‘Hot in the Shade Tour’ in 1990, Ace Frehley was one of the names in their mind to open for KISS.

In a new interview, KISS’ ex-manager Larry Mazer revealed that the band considered Ace Frehley as the opening act, but he turned it down by saying he was not interested. This invitation and KISS members’ putting the makeup back on for the ‘Rise To It’ video sparked the rumors about Frehley’s rejoining the band.

When asked whether the issue was on the table, Mazer explained that Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley never considered rehiring Ace Frehley. Thus, they had no plans to reunite with the guitarist. Also, wearing makeup was entirely his idea, so it had nothing to do with Ace Frehley’s return to the group.

When asked whether Ace Frehley was to rejoin KISS, Larry Mazer replied:

“Nope. Never. Gene and Paul never discussed that with me ever. It was never on the table, and there’s no truth to that rumor. And with the ‘Rise To It’ video, that was my idea. It was all based on the fact that from the day I took over as KISS’ manager, every promoter in the world would call me and say, ‘When they put the makeup back on.’ Every day, promoters called me up and offered ridiculous amounts of money for them to put the makeup back on.

So the ‘Rise To It’ video was my way to shut people up by saying, ‘Okay, they want makeup? Here’s makeup.’ I had the idea, went to Paul and Gene, and said, ‘I have this idea. How about we do a video where you two wear the makeup?’ ‘Alright, we like it. We’ll do it.’ See, that was my attempt to shut it down as far as all that makeup talk.”

Maybe Ace Frehley rejected the invitation to open for KISS on that tour, yet he reunited with the band in 1996. They embarked on a very successful reunion tour. The original lineup came together and released a studio album, ‘Psycho Circus,’ in 1998. The guitarist again left the band in 2001 after completing the ‘Farewell Tour’ and continued with his solo career.