Joe Perry Reveals Having Financial Struggles After Leaving Aerosmith

Joe Perry recently chatted with Classic Rock and revealed how he faced financial struggles after leaving Aerosmith and who persuaded him to rejoin the band.

The guitarist departed the act in 1979 following a heated argument between his first wife, Elyssa, and bandmate Tom Hamilton’s wife, Terry. So, while recalling how he started dating his second and current wife, Billie, after the incident, Perry also revealed how the departure hurt his bank balance, stating:

“I was in this band in the 70s that was fucking huge, but when [Billie] met me, she had no idea. She didn’t know what an ‘Aerosmith’ was, and that’s the truth. She was into the underground punk scene in Boston; she didn’t have any use for a band with a logo. The first time I took her out to dinner, my credit card came back cut in pieces, and she had to pay for it. So it wasn’t about money.”

Perry then revealed how his wife was the one who persuaded him to ring Steven Tyler and reunite with his former bandmates:

“Billie said, ‘This band [Aerosmith] are so good, why aren’t you guys together?’ And I went down the list of reasons, and I realized it was just a lot of fucking bullshit. Billie was the one who said, ‘Why don’t you give Steven a call? I don’t know why you guys aren’t playing together.’ So I picked up the phone and called Steven. Billie called it as she saw it, and she still does. I lean on her incredibly.”

Well, that phone call seemed to have gone well as Joe rejoined the band in 1984, five years after he called it quits and decided to walk out the door. And, nowadays, things surely seem much smoother sailing within Aerosmith, as the band is getting ready to embark on their farewell tour starting this fall.

However, when the host asked Perry about the ‘Peace Out’ tour and whether the band would be releasing any new material before the live shows would start, the guitarist was a bit skeptical, saying:

“I don’t know. At this point, I want to tour as much as we can. I want to get out and play to the fans. That’s really the focus right now, to get out and play live. If we get time to work on some new music, that would be great, but knowing Steven [Tyler] and knowing our age and what it takes to do an album…

I don’t know. I’m always playing, I’m always writing stuff, but at this stage, I can’t say. I just want to get through this next tour and play live and give something back to the fans.”

So, we might safely say that Aerosmith’s current focus is on meeting with fans and touring rather than getting into the studio, and if you were wondering whether there would be new material and a follow-up to 2012’s ‘Music From Another Dimension,’ it seems that there are no plans for anytime soon.