Eric Singer Shares His Favorite Jeff Beck Album Of All Time

In a recent interview with Goldmine, KISS drummer Eric Singer curated a list of his top ten albums that have significantly shaped his life in the industry. Within his eclectic selection, one album stood out – ‘Rough and Ready’ by Jeff Beck.

The British guitarist has made a substantial impact on Singer’s musical journey, and here’s what he had to say about the album. The reason why ‘Rough and Ready’ is significant to Singer is two-fold. First, Beck’s guitar playing on the album. Singer admired how Beck wielded his guitar, creating an unmatched soundscape that left an impression on him.

Secondly, the album featured Cozy Powell on drums. Powell’s performance resonated deeply with Singer, influencing him on a personal level which was more than enough for him to put it on his list. Although there were other albums that could make the list like, ‘Truth,’ ‘Rough and Ready’ holds a special place for the drummer.

Eric Singer’s words about his favorite Jeff Beck album read:

“I have to include Jeff Beck; I know he just passed away, but I’m not saying this because of that. But the thing that got me into Jeff Beck was actually the ‘Rough and Ready’ album. I love that album for a couple of reasons: one is, his guitar playing is just phenomenal, and then two, Cozy Powell played drums on the album, and he became a big influence on me on a personal level.”

He added:

“I had this album on the night I found out Jeff passed, and I was thinking, ‘Yeah, I remember why I was attracted to this record.’ I also loved albums like ‘Truth’ later, and I gravitated to Rod’s voice because I’m a singer myself. That raspy, blues voice style has always appealed to me. But ‘Rough and Ready’ came first for me when it came to Jeff Beck.”

‘Rough and Ready’ is an album showcasing Beck’s guitar mastery and the drumming prowess of Powell. Hence, it’s no wonder why the album played a formative role in Singer’s personal and professional life, shaping his musical style and what he gravitates toward in music, so the album will always hold a special place in his heart.