Joe Perry Is Glad To Be Over ‘As Bad As It Could Get’ With Steven Tyler

Joe Perry recently chatted with WCVB Channel 5 Boston and discussed his current relationship with his toxic twin, Steven Tyler, while explaining why the pair were now bound to have some good times.

There’s a reason why the duo is called the ‘Toxic Twins‘ since, as inseparable as they might be, they can also be quite problematic, having had their fair share of feuds together. However, at the end of the day, the pair always seemed to make up and carry on together, as the song ‘I Hate You, I Love You’ feels like a perfect fit for them.

So, as Joe recently discussed Aerosmith’s future and his relationship with his bandmates, he also made it clear that things had been ‘as good as it can possibly get’ with Tyler, remarking the pair were on the best terms they could be. Still, the rocker also pointed out how he and Steven had their fair share of challenges in the past, but it felt that they’d paid their dues and could finally enjoy their friendship.

The guitarist’s words on his current relationship with Tyler:

“Well, we’ve had our ups and downs. And like everything, there’s a balance; there’s the good and the bad. So it was as bad as it could get, and it’s also been as good as it can get. And I have to say right now, it’s about as good as it can get. I think we’ve paid our dues on the other end. So we’re due some good times.”

It seems that as the Aerosmith rockers have finally realized the numerous times their friendship survived through controversies and feuds, they decided to take things easier and maybe, not argue with one another every two seconds. So, as the duo seems to be on the best terms they might be, if you want to know more about their friendship, you can check out the time when Joe saved Tyler’s life with an ultimatum.