Steven Tyler’s Emotional Debt To Joe Perry

The relationship dynamics within a band are quite important since the complex relations between musicians could either lead to great success or messy disbandments. Various well-established bands’ members have experienced creative differences or disputes, such as Queen and Pink Floyd. These disputes would often result in band members producing solo works without departing their respective bands or embarking on a solo journey.

When Steven Tyler released his solo album, ‘We’re All Somebody from Somewhere,’ in 2016, his fellow bandmate Joe Perry’s reaction to Tyler’s single ‘Red, White & You’ was slightly discouraging. The guitarist expressed his feelings on Tyler’s song by stating that it was mediocre and the track wouldn’t have affected him even if he didn’t know it was Steven singing. The Aerosmith frontman later called out Perry for his ‘jealous‘ comment.

The relationship between the Toxic Twins, Steven Tyler and Joe Perry, has been really complex as it seemed like even though the two musicians couldn’t get along, it was also almost impossible to separate them. Aerosmith’s five-decade-long run shows that these sorts of conflicts may bring success as long as they are healthy. Steven Tyler agreed with this particular take and admitted that he appreciates Joe Perry.

Why Did Steven Tyler Appreciate Joe Perry?

One of the secrets regarding how Aerosmith managed to stay intact through all these years could perhaps be answered through Steven Tyler’s take on solitude. The singer knew it was really special for the band members to still be together and perform with the classic line-up, as this isn’t common among other successful acts who have experienced internal feuds. So, Steven appreciated Aerosmith’s long run despite controversies and conflicts.

Tyler said the following to Rolling Stone in 2016:

“They’ve taught me a lot. And staying together for 40 years has been one of the biggest joys of all.”

As the musician continued his words by recalling the band’s early days, he enjoyed it when the interviewer defined Aerosmith’s dynamics as ‘the forces pulling the band together are stronger than those pulling apart.’ The frontman revealed that he knew he couldn’t have accomplished such a successful career on his own if it weren’t for the journey he embarked on with his bandmates.

The interviewer said the following:

“It seems like the five of you have realized that the forces pulling you together are stronger than those pulling you apart.”

To which the singer responded:

“Well said, my good man. One of the biggest things we’ve all learned is, ‘I can’t do this alone.’ I could never be the guy you’re talking to if it wasn’t for the five of us sitting in the kitchen in a barn up in Lake Sunapee in the summer of ’71, deciding to move to Boston.”

It was then that Steven decided to lowkey address the aforementioned ‘jealousy‘ remarks between him and Joe Perry. The singer firmly stated that even with Perry’s then-recent criticism, Tyler knew that he couldn’t produce his solo country album and single without the guitarist. It was, perhaps, a dilemma for Steve to reflect on this fact, but he knew how to appreciate Joe’s role in his career.

Steven expressed his gratitude to Perry with the following:

“No matter what he has said recently about jealousy, I couldn’t be here making this [solo country album] if it wasn’t for Joe Perry. It’s a catch-22, but if you slow down enough, you get to see it.”

A healthy dose of competition or even ‘jealousy’ could bring bands together rather than divide them. As it has been long said, ‘opposite poles attract one another,’ and the complicated relationship between Steven Tyler and Joe Perry has benefited both rock stars; since the duo has built their careers together, side by side.