John Corabi Speculates That Mick Mars Was ‘Shown The Door’ In Mötley Crüe

John Corabi’s trust in Mötley Crüe is nearly nonexistent, and the former frontman makes this clear with every other statement. More recently, Corabi discussed Mick Mars’ decision to step back from touring, the band’s previous problems with Mars’ guitar playing, and why he believes Mick was fired while speaking to Life in the Stocks.

It was announced approximately a month ago that Mick Mars would no longer tour with Mötley Crüe due to health problems and would be replaced by John 5. However, he would remain an official member of the band. The guitarist’s bandmates reportedly supported his decision, but it was also reported that the rocker was ‘sick’ of touring with Mötley Crüe. Many rumors are circulating about the matter, and it looks like John Corabi is among those questioning Mars’ decision to leave.

“I don’t totally believe Mick’s reasons for leaving Mötley,” admitted Corabi while speaking on the matter. “And I don’t even know if he left Mötley. I believe maybe he was shown the door. Because as long as I can remember… F*ck, when we were doing the ‘Generation Swine’ record, they were complaining about his guitar playing then.”

John continued by recalling how he had to fill in for the guitarist during his time with the band. He said, “And if you really look at all of the records they’ve done since then… The majority of the guitars on the ‘Swine’ record, which is one of the reasons why I sued the guys, are mine. They were complaining about Mick the whole f*cking time.”

He also mentioned how other guitarists have filled in for Mars in various Mötley Crüe tracks. Corabi disclosed, “And I don’t know if he played on ‘New Tattoo,’ I’m not sure, but I know on ‘Red, White & Crüe,’ it was D.J. Ashba; on ‘Saints Of Los Angeles,’ it was D.J. Ashba; and on ‘The Dirt,’ it was John 5.”

It sounds like Mötley Crüe has had trouble with Mars’ guitar playing for years, as they chose other guitarists to play Mick’s parts in several records. So, Corabi refuses to believe that the guitarist made this decision but suspects that he was shown the door. However, anyone might argue that Mars is an aged rocker now, and perhaps it was natural for him to depart.

Having started many feuds with Mötley Crüe in the past, John Corabi was very careful while choosing his words this time. During the conversation, he repeatedly said that the band firing Mars is just his theory based on his previous experiences with the band and that he will feel satisfied when he gets a statement from Mick Mars himself.