Joe Perry Confirms There’s An Unreleased Version Of Aerosmith’s ‘Dream On’


Aerosmith’s Joe Perry recently appeared in an interview with WMMR’s Brent Porche and revealed that they have another unreleased version of the band’s hit song ‘Dream On.’

Aerosmith has become a prominent figure in the rock scene by combining blues-based hard rock, heavy metal, and glam metal elements in its sound. They have been among the United States’ most incredible rock and roll bands. The band gained a massive reputation with the albums such as ‘Toys in the Attic’ and ‘Rocks.’

In the ’70s, the group proved its success by having many audiences on their tours and releasing many hit singles. It announced its name to the world, especially with the top 10 hit singles like ‘Walk This Way’ and ‘Dream On.’ After making a comeback in 1984, the group regained its achievements and became popular again in the mid-’80s.

Aerosmith’s self-titled debut album was among the earlier successes of the band. The record was released in January 1973 and reached number 21 on the US Billboard 200 in 1976. It included significant songs like ‘Make It’ and ‘Somebody.’ ‘Dream On’ was another impactful track having a place in various charts. It was also put number 172 in Rolling Stone magazine’s 500 Greatest Songs of All Time list.

In a previous interview, Joe Perry mentioned that the band considered re-releasing their archives. Recently, the guitarist has revealed that they had different unreleased versions of their records and wanted to bring them together with the fans. The rocker stated that they had a catalog where they recorded different versions of the songs and some clips from the concerts in the past. Perry has noted they have an additional unreleased performance of the track ‘Dream On’ that they wanted to release.

Joe Perry explained Aerosmith’s plans:

“I was thinking maybe we should try and write some new material. But then I was thinking about every song we put out there. That made the cut onto a record. There was always a different cut right behind it; there were always two or three versions that, for one reason or another, didn’t get there. And it’s not so much that they were wrong, different, or maybe Steven saying ‘different lyrics.’ So there was a different solo, that kind of thing. There’s a different vibe.

So, we’re looking at releasing some of those, and I’ve heard some of those. We spent the last three years cataloging all this stuff and finding where it was because we would have to do shows, and we’d go, ‘This was a great show.’ We’d mark it because we recorded everything and some of those performances. Because right next to say ‘Dream On,’ there’s another version of ‘Dream On’ that we recorded that we didn’t use, but it’s a different performance, and it’s in the studio.”

You can watch the interview below.