Joe Perry Shares Aerosmith’s Alternative Plan Instead Of Releasing A New Album

In an interview with Ultimate Classic Rock, Aerosmith’s Joe Perry recently spoke about his band’s work. The guitarist stated they plan to release other things that took decades to gather instead of new material.

Aerosmith earned the unofficial title of America’s greatest rock and roll band title by the people of America when they started to gain prominence in the ’70s. The band’s icons, Steven Tyler and Joe Perry, also known as the Toxic Twins, have written songs and music that were a delight for the fans to enjoy.

They released 15 studio albums and gained worldwide prominence, stabilizing their fame in the States. After releasing their most recent album in 2012 and still being a band intact, the fans wonder if the band will release another album.

They created so many things throughout the years, and Joe Perry stated that they figured it was time to release some of the unreleased works, including songs and videos recorded in the mid-’80s. The band had a lot of ventures together, and even though the technology wasn’t as developed as it was today, they managed to record some of their adventures.

Here is what Joe Perry said about releasing their archives:

“I was thinking, ‘Well, do we need to write another record?’ Then I started thinking: going back, all of these songs have alternate takes that have different things about them. We have so much of that stuff and also some of the rehearsal tapes of some of the songs. And we’ve been recording everything live since we came back together.

We have shown upon show. There’s just so much material there, so much video, and we’re finding so much more. I think it took our guys about three years to go through all of the stuff, including the videos, and catalog everything, so we could see what we had.”

Recently the band was signed in for a Las Vegas residency interrupted due to Covid-19 but rescheduled for summer 2022. Meanwhile, the band wanted to do a European Tour and had set the dates. Unfortunately, those dates got canceled because Steven Tyler checked himself into rehab.