Dee Snider Clarifies If Lemmy Kilmister Made More Money Writing Songs For Ozzy Osbourne Than All Motörhead Discography Combined

Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider revealed the truth behind whether Motörhead’ late founder, lead singer, bassist, Lemmy Kilmister gained more money from Ozzy Osbourne or not when he answered his fan’s question through his Twitter account.

This clarification started with a fan’s question about his ideas about ‘Mama, I’m Coming Home.’ As you may know, ‘Mama, I’m Coming Home’ is the song of Ozzy Osbourne’s third album ‘No More Tears.’  The song peaked at number 28 on Billboard Hot 100 chart. Ozbourne was on the vocals, Zakk Wylde was on the guitar, and lyrics were written by Lemmy Kilmister

Snider emphasized that he liked the song because it was written by Motörhead’s late member, Lemmy Kilmister. Then, after his reply, another follower asked about Kilmister’s gaining more money from the songs that were written for Ozzy Osbourne than from the songs of Motörhead.

Dee Snider replied to his follower’s question saying that it wasn’t true so Kilmister didn’t make more money from his lyrics written for Osbourne. Another follower disagreed with him and made a reference to Kilmister’s statements about the issue in his document entitled Lemmy. However, Snider stated that he and Lemmy had the same manager and highlighted that he knew better. 

Here’s what he wrote:

“And who wrote those lyrics for Ozzy? The late, great Lemmy Kilmister! RIP.

I can tell you for a fact…no.

Ok. But I knew Lemmy and his manager then is my manager. But ok.”

You can see the tweets below.