The Paul McCartney Song That John Lennon Secretly Hated

While there are numerous bands that have managed to achieve worldwide fame, there haven’t been many as successful as The Beatles. The iconic English band rose to fame in the ’60s and have often been praised for their unconventional music, original style, and creativity. The band is also known for starting the album era upon arriving in the U.S. in 1964.

The secret behind their mainstream success is probably their revolutionary and groundbreaking music, which brings us closer to today’s topic of discussion, the relationship between the masterminds; Paul McCartney and John Lennon. Aside from bandmates, the two icons were also partners in business but this doesn’t necessarily mean that they were close friends.

Did John Lennon And Paul McCartney Get Along?

The duo’s songwriting partnership, Lennon-McCartney, is still considered to be the most successful musical collaboration ever by records sold. During their partnership, they released over 180 jointly credited songs, most of which were recorded by the Beatles. While everything seemed to be running smoothly, everything came to an end in 1970.

The Beatles had been struggling to cooperate towards the end of the ’60s and they released their last album ‘Let It Be’ in 1970. Following their break-up, both Lennon and McCartney claimed sole-authorship of some of the greatest Beatles hits. Although that was not very surprising for many, the fact that Lennon hated one of McCartney’s most popular songs was devastating.

Why Did John Lennon Hate Let It Be?

As you may recall, I had recently told the story of the inspiration behind McCartney’s ‘Let It Be.’ The song came to him in a dream, while he was going through a stressful with the Beatles. His deceased mother visited him in his dream and reassured him that everything is going to be all right and that he just needs to ‘let it be.’

McCartney was really excited about his idea and he immediately wrote down the song and played it on the piano. When he met up with John Lennon, he shared his idea with him but Lennon was not as thrilled. He told Paul that this song doesn’t suit the Beatles’ style and the ‘Mother Mary’ reference really upset the atheist rockstar. However, the rest of the band like it, and ‘Let It Be’ came to be known as one of the band’s most popular songs and the name of their last album.

Here’s what John Lennon said to David Sheff about ‘Let It Be’:

“That’s Paul. What can you say? Nothing to do with the Beatles. It could’ve been Wings. I don’t know what he’s thinking when he writes ‘Let It Be.’

I think it was inspired by Bridge Over Troubled Waters.’ That’s my feeling, although I have nothing to go on. I know he wanted to write a Bridge Over Troubled Waters.”

John Lennon thought that Paul was inspired by Simon & Garfunkel’s ‘Bridge Over Troubled Waters’ and that he’d always wanted to write a song like that. However, ‘Let It Be’ was actually recorded almost a year before ‘Bridge Over Troubled Water.’ It seems like Lennon’s main issue with the song was the ‘Mother Mary‘ lyric which was a reference to Paul’s own mother but Lennon despised any lyric that had religious connotations.