Yngwie Malmsteen Recalls The Offer From David Lee Roth

During a recent conversation with Eonmusic, guitarist Yngwie Malmsteen confessed that he was approached for a gig with David Lee Roth.

Active on the music scene since 1978, Malmsteen is best known for his neoclassical approach to heavy metal. During his productive music career, which spans 40 years, he has released 21 studio albums, made guest appearances, and contributed to other artists. Malmsteen also played briefly with the bands Alcatrazz, Steeler, and G3, but has concentrated mainly on his solo career.

Speaking to Eonmusic, Yngwie Malmsteen recalled the offers he received to join some bands on the stage, including David Lee Roth. After being asked whether he was approached to join some big bands during his career, Malmsteen confirmed that it happened quite a lot.

Then, he revealed that he was offered to play at a gig with David Lee Roth, and the bands UFO and KISS. He also said Ronnie James Dio often talked about playing a gig together.

Eonmusic told Yngwie Malmsteen that:

“With skills like yours, you must have been approached to join some big bands over the years.”

Malmsteen then responded:

“Yeah, of course. Quite a lot, actually. I was offered a gig in UFO, I was offered a gig with David Lee Roth. There was some murmur about the Ozzy thing. Ronnie James Dio – he talked about it all the time. When I actually lived in Sweden, I was offered a gig in KISS! They wanted to talk to me.”

As recent news, Malmsteen released a new album titled ‘Parabellum’ on July 23, 2021. He worked on his ‘Parabellum’ during the lockdown, so he had more time to focus on it. Apart from that, he also released a video for his ‘Paganini-referencing’ song ‘Wolves At The Door.’