Jimmy Page’s Disappointment About Being A Session Guitarist For Big Names


Led Zeppelin’s iconic guitarist Jimmy Page was only 12 when he generated interest in music and guitar. After he moved to a new house in Epsom in Surrey, he came across a left behind guitar and began to explore the instrument. While going to secondary school at the same time, Page looked for people and time to develop and improve his skills, however, it was difficult back then.

During the 1950s it was hard for a 12-year-old boy to find people to jam with who had instruments, so he would go around and try to play with everyone he can. He carried the guitar with him all the time, even when he was going to school, and had it confiscated because instruments weren’t permitted.

He was good at his studies and wanted to study biology and find a cure for cancer. Little did he know that he would later become one of the most appreciated musicians of all time. Not giving up on his guitar at any point in his life, he quit school at the age of 15 to pursue music. From then on, he kickstarted his adventure of becoming a session musician for various bands and singers.

How Was Jimmy Page’s Experience As A Session Musician?


Neil Christian asked Page to join the Crusaders to tour with them as their guitarist after he heard the 15-year-old play. They toured and recorded together for two years which got Page noticed by several other musicians. As a session musician, he was known as ‘Lil’ Jim Pea’ and quickly became one of the most wanted guitarists.

In 1963, a young Jimmy Page gave a brief interview and talked about being a session musician. While explaining what a session musician does, he talked about his dreams and goals. In the same interview, Page revealed how it was like to work with big names of the industry but honestly revealed that it was ‘disappointing’ working with big names. He stated that his expectations were high, and working with some of the names didn’t reach that expectation.

The Interviewer asked what he does with Neil Christian and the Crusaders, and here is how Page replied:

“We do one-night stands all over England and into the country.”

Here is how the rest of the questions and answers:

“Interviewer: What are the big names that you have backed?

Page: Jet Harris and Tony Meehan, Eden Kane, Duffy Power.”

Interviewer: What’s is it like working with really big names of the show business?”

Page: Disappointing. Well, they don’t come up to how you expect them to be. Rather disappointing on the whole other thing.”

There is always a debate about meeting your idols. Page’s situation is leaning towards how one can exaggerate an icon in their head but, once they meet them, they might not reach the same level. Even though Page was very young at the time of the interview, his vision, opinions, and his confidence in himself were appreciated by the fans in the comments section underneath the video.

You can watch the brief interview below.