John Bonham’s Grandson Jager Henry Releases New Song ‘Hate Me’

The legendary Led Zeppelin drummer John Bonham‘s grandson Jager Henry followed in his grandfather’s footsteps in becoming a musician. His new song ‘Hate Me’ has just dropped on.

Jager Henry is a promising artist with a lot to give. Although he is the son and grandson of two talented drummers, Henry decided to take a slightly different route on his musical journey by becoming a singer. His musical direction is also quite sonically different from Led Zeppelin. His sound is more pop-punk rather than the influence of ’70s bluesy rock synonymous with Led Zeppelin.

The singer also chose to drop his last name even though most people in his situation would have kept it to provide an advantage in a competitive industry with so many up-and-coming new artists. Henry wanted recognition for his artistry rather than his famous last name. To showcase the latest craft he worked on; Henry announced his new single to his followers a few weeks ago.

Jager Henry had taken to Instagram to tell his fans that his new single would drop on September 17. He wanted to ensure his fans knew he was coming out with new music. The singer said he had been excited to see his fans’ reactions to the new track. The young musician’s latest single, ‘Hate Me,’ is out now as a fresh piece for all music lovers.

Jager Henry’s IG post read:

“‘Hate Me‘ officially drops on September 17; make sure you pre-save. I can’t wait for you all to hear this one.”

You can watch the music video to ‘Hate Me’ below.