Jerry Cantrell Cancels Two Upcoming Shows Of His ‘Brighten Tour’

Alice in Chains’ founder Jerry Cantrell announced on his official Instagram account that the following two shows would be canceled because some people from the crew got tested positive for COVID-19.

Jerry Cantrell released his third solo album named ‘Brighten‘ on October 29, 2021. It was the first independent album he had. He didn’t only sing on the album but also played guitar, bass, and keyboards. Three singles, ‘ Atone,’ ‘Brighten,’ and ‘Siren Song’ were released.

Towards the end of summer 2021, Cantrell announced that he would be on tour for promoting ‘Brighten.’ This tour would start on March 24 and end on May 8, 2022. While he was continuing the tour with names like Tyler Bates, Greg Puciato, and Gil Sharone, an announcement came from Jerry.

He shared an Instagram post mentioning that they have to cancel upcoming Florida shows due to Covid-19 cases in the tour team. Cantrell conveyed his sadness to his audience, saying he hoped to go to these places again sometime later. He also added that ticket holders could get their refunds.

Jerry Cantrell said in his words:

“Unfortunately, we have just learned of some positive Covid-19 cases in our touring party. As a result, we are canceling our upcoming Florida shows in Orlando and St. Petersburg. We apologize for any inconvenience and hope to return to these cities as soon as possible. Refunds will be available at the point of purchase. VIP holders will be notified directly with refund directions.”

You can see Jerry Cantrell’s picture shared on Instagram below.

Photo Credit: Jerry Cantrell – Instagram