Brian May Apologizes To His Fans For Remaining Silent, ‘I Haven’t Had The Will’

Queen guitarist Brian May recently shared a post on his official Instagram account, saying that he remained silent due to the current state of the world, but he is finally back with some fresh news.

Besides his long-term tenure in Queen, Brian May has also been active with his solo works. May had released his second solo studio album, ‘Another World,‘ on June 1, 1998, in the UK, and on September 15, 1998, in the US. He also included his influences with chosen covers from Jimi Hendrix, Larry Williams, Ian Hunter, and some other original tracks.

The guitarist recently announced that he would revisit ‘Another World’ as part of his Brian May Gold Series reissue campaign. The remastered version of the album will arrive on April 22, 2022. The 15-track bonus disc will feature various remixes, live tracks, and rarities. The album will also be available in multiple formats, including single and double CD and a 2CD /sky-blue vinyl LP collector’s edition.

In his recent Instagram post, Brian May said that he hasn’t had the will to share anything due to the ongoing situation in the world. However, he is now back with some good news for the fans. The guitarist announced that he had released the first teaser track from his new collection. The cover song is called ‘Maybe Baby’ by Buddy Holly, which May previously covered under the name of T. E. Conway. He also unannounced the album’s release date and said the fans could watch the new video.

Brian May’s Instagram post read:

“Hi, Folks. Sorry for my silence in these parts. I just haven’t had the will. I somehow haven’t felt that anything I had to offer was important enough to post, viewed beside the horrors being perpetrated in the world. But my prime job is bringing music into the world, so, as we move towards issuing ‘Another World’ into the 21st century, I’m going to try to get my IG legs working again.

Tonight we’re releasing the first ‘teaser’ track from ‘Another CD,’ my new collection of rarities that accompanies the original solo record in the 2-CD set. Of course, those of you who know me already know that I originally made this Buddy Holly cover as my alter-ego, T. E. Conway, but I guess I’m now ready to own up to he and I being more or less the same person inside. He was just a little more assured than I in performance.

Find this new video by clicking on my slink in my bio, either now or very soon this morning, and you can preorder the record there too. Next Friday, April 22, I’m hoping to transmit the launch of my album from the Royal Observatory Greenwich. Where can you be a part of this? Right here on my Instagram page! If I can still remember how to do that! So, dear members of the Bri-Army, I’ll be humbly calling for your support and hope you will enjoy this new release. Thanks for being there! With love – Bri.”

You can listen to ‘Maybe Baby’ below.