Chris Martin Invites Coldplay’s ‘Original Member’ Roger Federer On Stage

In one of their latest shows, Chris Martin of Coldplay invited professional tennis player Roger Federer to the stage, dubbing him the ‘original band member.’ Federer, who is now enjoying his post-retirement life, attended the concert not only as a fan but as part of the band. He joined the band on stage to play the shaker during their performance of ‘Don’t Panic.’

A fan-recorded video of the performance received quite the interaction. A fan even joked on Twitter that Roger Federer ‘was just completing random side quests.’

Federer later shared a photo of himself with the band via Instagram, stating in the description that it’s an ‘adventure of a lifetime’.

The tennis player has shown his singing abilities before too. He has previously shared other performances online, including a cover of The Beatles’ ‘With A Little Help From My Friends‘.

See the performance and catch the fan tweets down below.