Corey Taylor Recalls Struggling To Have A Stable Relationship With Son Griffin

In the most recent episode of the Battleline podcast, Corey Taylor of Slipknot talked about how he raised his son, Griffin Taylor, who sings in the metal band, Vended.

Corey’s paternal instincts come much more into play since music, apart from a classic father-son relationship, has a significant place in their lives for two. In the podcast, he said:

“My son, I didn’t have to help him with anything, but he’s out on the road with his band, and they’re killing it. And in a way that’s brought he and I even closer, man, ’cause now he really, really gets it and we talk now more than we ever have, which, to me, it’s beautiful.”

After all, parenthood is not so easy. He mentioned the challenges of being a parent and explains his relationship with Griffin as a parent:

He and I have always been tight. He’s my boy and we’ve always had a very, very special bond. When his mother and I split up, I was all he had for a long time. So when I was on the road, I would have to have a caretaker take care of him so he could go to school, and then I would come home and we would just kind of pick up from there. But you never got that rhythm. So I was constantly having to relearn who he was, ’cause every time I’d come back, he was different…”

Though Corey is still trying to get a grip on who his son is becoming, he’s proud of him. In an interview that happened in April, he stated this clearly. He said:

“I cannot tell you how proud I am of that boy. And, of course, being a typical Taylor, on one hand I’m super proud of him, but I still can’t get him to clean anything, dude; he’s just such a nightmare.”

You can watch the full Battleline interview with Corey down below.