Dan Reynolds Reveals The Weird Reason Why Imagine Dragons Are Late To Shows

In a recent chat with The Washington Post, Dan Reynolds explained why Imagine Dragons are often late to shows.

If an Imagine Dragons concert starts late, it might be because the band is busy playing video games. The singer stated:

“We’ve been late onstage because we’re playing ‘League of Legends.'”

Dan also mentioned that the online game can ban players who quit matches early. Then, he talked about his passion for the gaming world:

“Look, I’m really tall, 6 foot 4, never played sports, always did music and drama, so people probably think I’m not a gamer, but it’s my bread and butter. It’s our world.”

Imagine Dragons has worked with various video game companies, and their songs were featured in commercials for brands like Ubisoft, Epic Games, Nintendo, and Riot Games. Their collaboration with gaming began about ten years ago when they performed as instrumentalists for Nintendo composer Koji Kondo at the Game Awards in Las Vegas.

Imagine Dragons Has A New Upcoming Album

Imagine Dragons is getting ready to release a new album called ‘Loom’ on June 28. They revealed their new album with a $5 million announcement last month. Fans can preorder it from the Imagine Dragons store, where they’ll receive a special limited-edition ‘printed digital art puzzle’ with their purchase. Each vinyl version of the album includes a special insert. The listing reads:

“The only one in the entire world. Together, these inserts form a bigger picture; nine special images correlating to the nine tracks on the album.”

To solve the puzzle, fans need all nine inserts. Imagine Dragons are selling a special limited edition ‘Loom’ printed art puzzle vinyl exclusively on Discord for $5,001,000. This surprised fans, but they said the high price stops scalpers and bots. To make it more affordable, people have to join Imagine Dragons’ Discord server for a special coupon code.