Jeff Scott Soto Explains Alice Cooper And Marilyn Manson’s Common Points

Singer Jeff Scott Soto recently joined Power Metal Point for an interview and revealed what Marilyn Manson and Alice Cooper have in common.

Formed in August 1987, Kryst The Conqueror was a Christian metal project led by bassist Jerry Only, whose stage name was ‘Mo The Great,’ and his younger brother Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein. However, they never had an official lead singer until their dissolution in 1995.

Kryst The Conqueror hired Yngwie Malmsteen singer Jeff Scott Soto to record the vocals for their ‘Deliver Us To Evil’ album. They then released the album on January 13, 1990. Following the release, it turned out that Jeff Scott Soto was billed as ‘Kryst The Conqueror’ on the EP.

In a recent interview with Power Metal Point, Soto stated that Jerry Only approached him not to record a music effort that they would do together but to record the album as a session. Soto then said he had a good time with Kryst The Conqueror members. However, he had other plans, so he decided not to continue with the band.

Soto then revealed that the bandmembers wanted him to change his name to Kryst. According to the singer, Marilyn Manson and Alice Cooper were just the band’s names at first, and they ended up becoming the artists’ names. Moreover, Soto said he would also be the ‘Kryst The Conqueror,’ but he didn’t want that.

During the conversation, Jeff Scott Soto said the following:

“I spoke to Jerry, he’s known by different names, don’t know how to refer to him, but I’d call him Mo. Mo reached out to me, and he didn’t sell it as something that we’re going to do together, that he wanted to do together that will continue. He sold it as a session. He said, ‘I want to do this. Your voice would be perfect for it.’ I said yes to it, they flew me out, and I spent a few weeks with the guys. It was amazing and fun hanging out with them and working with them.

We recorded an entire album, not knowing that they were hoping or planning that I would say, ‘Okay, the album’s done now, let’s release it and go on tour.’ But I said, ‘I’ve got a lot of other things going on musically. This is not really my cup of tea. I wish you guys the best, but I’m sorry. I did the record and can’t do any more than that.’ So, it fell into the lap of a cult classic, and that’s where it remains. We’ve never got to move forward in building a band out of it. They wanted me to change my name to Kryst, spelled the way it is on the album. I would have been Kryst.”

He then continued about the name:

“It’s like Marilyn Manson. That was the name of the band. Alice Cooper was the name of the band. It became the singer’s name but just by default, especially with the changes in lineups by default. It became the name of the band or became the artist’s name. It started as the name of a band, and if this had been the name of the band Kryst The Conqueror, somewhere along the way, I would be Kryst The Conqueror from that point onward. That’s not really what I’m aiming for.”

You can watch the interview below.