Queensrÿche’s Michael Wilton Responds To Geoff Tate’s Comments On Reunion

After bands separate for one reason or another, moving on can be pretty challenging. Most of the time, the possibility of a reunion, especially if the disbandment wasn’t particularly amicable, is difficult. In Queensrÿche’s case, although there doesn’t seem to be any bad blood between the former band members after their ugly break-up, guitarist Michael Wilton recently shared with Louder Sound that a reunion with Geoff Tate is not in the cards.

Although Tate had previously mentioned that he wanted to do a reunion with the original lineup for several years now, it doesn’t seem like this will happen anytime soon. However, the singer wished them good luck in their endeavors, especially considering the industry’s current state.

In response to Tate’s well-wishes regarding the current band, Wilton said, “That’s respectable, and the feeling is mutual, but we’re on a roll with this version of Queensrÿche. It would be silly to stop our momentum. I wish the best for him, and that’s all I can really say.”

The two former bandmates want nothing but the best for one another in their new endeavors, but a reunion that the fans secretly wish for doesn’t seem possible anytime soon. The current version of Queensrÿche recently released their fourth studio album ‘Digital Noise Alliance’ which was praised by critics and fans for the sound the band had created and the vocals provided by Todd La Torre that was on par with what they wanted to put out.