Jeff Pilson Responds To Fan Criticism Over Authenticity, ‘We Do Foreigner Justice’

In a recent interview with Real Music With Gary Stuckey, Foreigner bassist Jeff Pilson addressed the criticism that the current lineup is nothing more than a glorified cover band. He confidently expressed his belief that the band delivers a genuine Foreigner experience for their fans.

Foreigner’s only remaining original member, Mick Jones, has faced various health issues in recent years, resulting in him not being able to regularly tour with the band. As a consequence, his absence has occasionally left Foreigner without any of its original members on stage.

Some fans argue that without any original members, Foreigner is just a cover band. However, Pilson responded to this by emphasizing the overwhelmingly positive feedback they receive at their live shows. He then urged skeptics to come and see the band perform and decide for themselves if they do Foreigner justice.

Here is how Pilson reacted to fan criticism:

“You know what’s funny? You see some of that on the Internet, but it’s not as pervasive as you think. And I’m actually amazed because when we play, we get no negative feedback. So, sure, people are gonna say stuff like that online. It only takes one or two people to make it sound like there’s a bunch.

What I tell people is anytime anybody has a problem with the no-original-members thing, I just say, ‘You know what? I get it. But come and see the band. And then you tell me whether we do Foreigner justice or not.’ And I’ll stand by what we do a thousand percent.

Although some fans continue to criticize Foreigner for its lineup changes and absence of original members, Jeff Pilson remains confident that the band delivers the authentic Foreigner sound. With this dedication and passion, it’s clear that Pilson aims to keep the band’s legacy alive and continue making music that their loyal fans can enjoy.