Jay Weinberg’s Surgery Announcement Turns Into A Hate Session For Slipknot

Jay Weinberg has recently shared an update on his recovery process following hip surgery in an Instagram post, receiving mixed reactions from Slipknot fans.

The drummer revealed that he had entered the second phase of his recovery, marking two months since his surgery for a torn labrum and femoral adjustment. He expressed:

“Two months! Now we’re talking. It’s been two months since I underwent surgery to repair & reattach my left hip labrum and shave down part of excess femur bone. I’m so excited to move into the second phase of my recovery — no longer just stabilizing and protecting the joint, but building back strength and getting back to my favorite activities.”

Weinberg’s Road To Recovery

He also shared his enthusiasm for being cleared to play drums again, much sooner than expected, writing:

“It’s still a slow and steady physical therapy process, but it’s incredibly encouraging that my team has cleared me to start playing drums again — much earlier than I had originally expected. Feeling awesome. Thank you all for your continued good vibes and messages of support; it’s sincerely appreciated.”

Mixed Feelings And Frustrations Of The Fans

While many fans have shown support for Weinberg’s recovery, others have expressed frustration with Slipknot. One of the comments said:

“Slipknot couldn’t just wait 3 months.”

Another fan also criticized Slipknot’s attitude towards the musician, saying:

“They are known to kick people when they are at their low same happened with Joey [Jordison].”

One other comment added:

“Man, I can’t even imagine him not playing in a mask. Sh*t fits him so well. Slipknot f*cked up hard.”

Departure From Slipknot And Health Issues

Jay’s health journey became public in November 2023, shortly after he announced he departed from Slipknot due to ‘creative’ reasons. He shared photos on Instagram of himself with crutches and in the hospital, explaining his long-term health plan. The drummer noted:

“This Tuesday, after three years of careful planning, I underwent an outpatient procedure to repair the torn labrum of my left hip and shave down a misshapen part of my femur — a condition that never impacted my drumming in any way, but I’ve wanted to take care of during downtime from my recording and touring schedule.”

Despite his health challenges, Weinberg performed live for the first time since leaving Slipknot at a Nashville show on December 10. He joined The Bouncing Souls on stage for a rendition of ‘True Believers.’

You can see the video he shared on Instagram here.