Joe Satriani On Receiving A Surprise Call From Alex Van Halen

One of the biggest expectations following Eddie Van Halen‘s passing was to bid farewell to Van Halen with a final tribute show. Although this possibility excited many fans, there was a big problem; finding a guitarist who could replace the icon seemed almost impossible. The guitar virtuoso Joe Satriani recently discussed this issue during a conversation with Cleveland.

“I was shocked to get a call from Alex and Dave and get their invitation to be part of a tribute tour for Eddie and Van Halen,” said Satriani while speaking about a possible tribute tour. “I jokingly told them on that first phone call, ‘If I had half a brain, I’d hang up right away and not accept such a crazy offer,’ because nobody can replace Eddie, and whoever tries to do it is gonna get a whole lot of negativity from the world of social media.”

In April, Jason Newsted made a shocking statement about being contacted for an Eddie Van Halen tribute tour, which aroused great excitement among VH fans and remained in the headlines for weeks. While the rumors spread and fans eagerly awaited further announcements, Joe Satriani’s recent statements definitely added fuel to the fire. However, it was surprising to hear that Alex Van Halen and David Lee Roth’s invitation to Joe Satriani was not met with a direct yes, even though he quickly decided to go for it.

“I heard myself saying ‘yes’ before my better judgment kicked in because I am such a fan of Eddie and his work,” he admitted because even though he knew no one would be able to replace Eddie Van Halen, he couldn’t turn away such an offer. Satriani said, “I thought it would be such a great labor of love to dive into that and try to understand the essence of what he was doing.”

During his recent conversation, Joe Satriani reflected on his feelings toward the Van Halen icon and discussed how the legacy he left behind has made it impossible to fill his shoes. The guitar virtuoso stressed that no one could replace Eddie, and trying to do that would cause a negative reaction. Thus, it seems like Satriani would be down to play at an Eddie Van Halen tribute tour, but he will probably incorporate Eddie’s techniques into his own playing so as not to offend Van Halen fans.