Jack Black Exposes The PR Strategy Behind Tenacious D’s Britney Spears Cover

On the ‘Kung Fu Panda 4′ red carpet, Jack Black revealed the creative strategy behind Tenacious D’s viral cover of Britney Spears’ hit ‘…Baby One More Time,’ which has been making waves on social media and features prominently in the film’s end credits.

The viral journey began last week when Black posted the cover on his social media. Accompanied by Kyle Gass, the duo delivered a vibrant rendition of Spears’ classic, hinting at its inclusion in the latest ‘Kung Fu Panda’ installment with a panda emoji captioned ‘Tenacious B!’

From Idea To Red Carpet Revelation

This strategic tease immediately caught the attention of fans worldwide. Black shared the inception story of this unexpected collaboration on the red carpet, attributing it to the film’s director, Mike Mitchell’s request for a Tenacious D contribution to the soundtrack:

“The director Mike [Mitchell] said, ‘Hey, we’d love to have a Tenacious D song at the end, will you do a song?’ And I was like, ‘Can we do Britney Spears?’ and he was like, ‘Yes,’ and he said that he wanted to do ‘…Hit Me Baby One More Time’ because it’s kind of in the vein of kung fu… And then we’re like, ‘Hey, let’s do a music video on the red carpet.’ So that’s what we’re doing.”

The premiere was not just about the movie but also celebrated with a Chinese dragon dance, setting a festive tone for the unveiling of ‘Kung Fu Panda 4.’ This addition to the DreamWorks franchise sees Black reprising his role as Po, the kung fu-loving panda, after an eight-year hiatus.

Fan Reactions To The Cover

The cover has been met with overwhelming positivity from fans, with some hailing Black as a ‘national treasure’ and others expressing their desire for a full album of Britney Spears covers by Tenacious D. One commenter said:

“Jack Black is a national treasure and should be protected at all times.”

Another fan added:

“I demand a full Tenacious D album of Britney Spears covers.”

Black returns as Po after over eight years since the third film and a successful stint in ‘Kung Fu Panda: The Dragon Knight’ on Netflix. With its release set for March 8, fans eagerly anticipate the latest adventures of Po and his passion for kung fu and dumplings.