Flea Questions Whether Jimmy Page Was Robert Plant’s Sideman

Well-known American producer Michael Beinhorn recently wrote on Twitter that Jimmy Page was a great sideman to Robert Plant, making him a successful frontman. However, the comments were immediately filled with comments, questioning Page’s position in Led Zeppelin. RHCP bassist Flea also shared his thoughts on the issue, showing him disagreeing with Beinhorn.

Beinhorn said in his post that there was a great sideman behind every great frontman. Then, he continued to give examples to support his point, including Robert Plant and Jimmy Page, Tom Petty and Mike Campbell, Bono and the Edge. He also wrote that success right came after these artists found an exceptional guitarist, siding with them.

Many people came under the post to criticize Beinhorn for describing Page as a sideman to Plant. Most of the comments claimed that Jimmy Page was Led Zeppelin, and he was the actual frontman of the band. Flea also questioned the producer’s statement with a short reaction, implying that Page was too much of a leader to be called a sideman.

Michael Beinhorn’s tweet read:

“Every great frontman needs a great sideman. Robert Plant had Jimmy Page; Tom Petty had Mike Campbell; Bono has the Edge, and so on. Surely, you could find success—an identity—if you found a magic guitarist, your faithful Sancho Panza. Do you believe this?”

Flea’s reply:

Jimmy Page is a sideman?

So, according to Flea, Jimmy Page cannot be called a sideman to Robert Plant, as his position in Led Zeppelin is much more than that. Apparently, many Twitter users also agreed with the bassists, as they filled the post with their comments, referring to Page’s dominant place in Zeppelin. Although Beinhorn tried to express himself in his replies to his followers, they didn’t seem convinced.