LeAnn Rimes Recalls Aerosmith Icon Steven Tyler’s Advice About The Music Industry

Singer LeAnn Rimes recently gave an interview to NME and remembered when Steven Tyler told her about his thoughts on the music industry to advise her.

From a young age, LeAnn Rimes had a unique singing talent, and with her parents’ help, she focused on pursuing a musical career. The singer gained recognition as a country music artist at 13, but she later shifted to contemporary Christian and pop music.

Since the beginning of her career, various music acts from different genres influenced Rimes, including Alanis Morissette, Reba McEntire, Judy Garland, and Whitney Houston. However, her most distinctive inspiration source among the others was probably Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler.

In an interview with NME, LeAnn Rimes admitted that she was an avid Aerosmith fan. She then revealed that Steven Tyler supported her throughout her music career. According to Rimes, Tyler even brought his daughter to her show, and she flew to Aerosmith shows in her spare time.

Moreover, Rimes remembered when she went to see Aerosmith perform. She stated that Steven Tyler would bring her to his dressing room to advise her about the music industry. Describing Tyler as a fatherly figure, Rimes said he would tell him how to take care of herself because she had to watch out for people who may try to rob her.

Speaking to NME, LeAnn Rimes said the following about Steven Tyler:

“I was a huge Aerosmith fan, and Steven Tyler was also someone who was very supportive of me. He brought his daughter to my show, and I’d fly to Aerosmith shows on my days off. He would bring me into his dressing room, sit me down, and tell me how to take care of myself in this industry because people will try to rob you of certain things, and you’ve got to watch out for this. He was very fatherly.”

So, it seems the Aerosmith icon is important to LeAnn Rimes’ musical career with his previous advice on the industry. For this reason, Rimes sees him as a father figure who tries to protect her, a rare relationship in the competitive music scene.