Sammy Hagar Thinks Eddie Van Halen’s VH Offer Was ‘Divine Intervention’


Former lead vocalist of Van Halen, Sammy Hagar, revealed in a recent conversation with Great Day Houston the story behind Eddie Van Halen‘s offer to him to join the band and called that moment a ‘divine intervention.’

Sammy Hagar started his music career by playing in a cover band in the early ’70s. He was discovered and became a part of the new band, Montrose. Hagar was in the self-titled debut album and the second one entitled ‘Paper Money.’ While in this group, he also wrote his first song, ‘Bad Motor Scooter.’

After Hagar departed from the band, he pursued a solo career. The rocker debuted with the 1976 album titled ‘Nine on a Ten Scale‘ as a solo musician. Later, he released upcoming records such as ‘Street Machine’ and ‘Danger Zone.’ Besides, he was contributing to the other rockers’ records. For instance, Hagar wrote for Rick Springfield’s 1981 hit ‘I’ve Done Everything for You.’

After he had worked in the supergroup HSAS for a while, he had no clue that his life would change when David Lee Roth parted ways with Van Halen in 1985. Eddie Van Halen called The Red Rocker and immediately hired him to fill the opening. As the lead vocalist, the rocker was in numerous impactful records like ‘5150,’ ‘For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge,’ and ‘Balance.’ The albums included many hit songs with Hagar on lead vocals.

Recently, Sammy Hagar defined it as a ‘divine intervention’ when Eddie called him. He revealed that while his car was at the shop, Eddie liked it very much, and the shop owner responded that it belonged to Hagar. Later, the shop owner told the guitarist that he should have called Hagar and got him into the band, replacing Roth. As the rocker explained, Eddie called him immediately; the rest is history.

About how Eddie Van Halen called and got him to the band, Sammy Hagar said:

That was divine intervention. I had a nice Ferrari, a 512 boxer, which I still have that ‘I Can’t Drive 55’ video car. It was in the shop, and Eddie Van Halen walked in after David quit the band. He saw the car and said, ‘Wow, that’s a nice car.’

Claudio, the owner of the shop, said, ‘Yeah, that’s Sammy Hagar’s car. You should call him up and get him in the band.’ It was just like that. Then he goes, ‘You’ve got his number?’ He says, ‘Right here.’ Eddie called me from the shop, having a car break down with about a 10.000 dollar bill. It paid off.”

You can watch the entire conversation below.