Jane’s Addiction’s Perry Farrell Says ‘Stop Coming After Me’ Over Joe Rogan Debate

Especially after Neil Young gave a radical response to Spotify airing Joe Rogan’s podcast, many high-profile musicians reacted to the streaming giant. Jane’s Addiction’s Perry Farrell also stated his opinions on the podcast and faced criticism on Twitter for trying to obstruct free speech.

Free speech has always been defended, especially on social media, unless it doesn’t harbor hate to a certain community or a person. Sometimes, seeing something unlikeable on social media can encourage people to try and censor others, which can obstruct free speech. However, when it comes to scientific facts, especially amid a global pandemic, it is essential to make sure the public is informed based on scientific research.

Spotify has 165 million subscribers, and most are active users. The platform airs about 3 million podcast titles available to the listeners. Hence, the music and talk shows are easily accessible by many people, which creates an environment of learning in some ways. Joe Rogan’s podcast has become a controversial piece since he started to talk about Covid. Rogan has stated in his podcasts that younger people shouldn’t get the vaccine and gave a platform to those who don’t believe the pandemic exists or oppose government regulations.

In his defense, he wanted to get a wider perspective and let everyone state their opinions. However, this created a conflict with scientists’ warnings and truths. Scientists concerned with public health argued that this misinformation is unacceptable and a ‘slap in the face,‘ especially since Spotify indirectly supports it. Neil Young and Joni Mitchell threatened Spotify and said that if they don’t remove Joe Rogan, they will withdraw their music, and they did.

Many musicians backed Neil Young’s decision to pull out from Spotify even though it caused him financial damage. An argument between some Twitter users and Jane’s Addiction’s Perry Farrell broke on Twitter recently, and Farrell replied to them sarcastically. He also defended that he doesn’t support censorship, but he didn’t clearly state what he is supporting. However, he ultimately admitted that he never had the patience to listen to Rogan, he still loves listening to Neil Young, and advised his fans to check out ‘Castles Burning’ or ‘Damage Done.’

A user first defended Rogan by saying:

“He’s such a moron that he has the number 1 podcast in the world and is a multimillionaire.”

Perry Farrell replied mockingly:

“A multimillionaire, with a number 1 podcast?! Wow-I agree with you Bryan, Not a moron! He is a ‘Cedar Tree’ of a man! Tall, powerful, unbending, and conceited. Compared to him, we are as lowly worms! ‘With the strength of their mouths, (truth) even the lowly worm can fell a big tree.'”

Another fan reacted:

“No. You don’t know what the meaning of censorship is, nor do any of these pathetic people want to cancel Joe Rogan or to financially hurt Spotify. I’m sick of all these woke people and their cancel culture. Don’t listen if you don’t want to. If you don’t like the US, leave.”

Perry Farrell replied:

“John, I’m saddened that you aren’t feeling well ‘sick of woke people’ ‘these pathetic people.’ I’m sure if you asked them they might have some things to say about you. You are sick because hate has filled your heart. Because fear courses through your veins. Because peace evades you.”

Another user said:

“Artists really should support free speech.

Perry Farrell finally replied:

“Please, stop coming after me about censoring Joe Rogan. I never suggest it. Barely have I listened to him. (Admittedly, when I tried, my interests waned rather quickly, as opposed to Neil Young, whom I play to this day.) I suggest ‘Castles Burning’ or ‘Damage Done’ for a start.”

You can see the tweets below.