Neil Young Says He’ll Lose Most Of His Streaming Income After Spotify Removal

After making a statement threatening Spotify to remove his music if they don’t stop airing Joe Rogan’s ‘lies’ about Covid-19, Neil Young recently bashed Spotify once again. He revealed that even though he lost a significant percentage of his income with that move, he supports his decision because he cannot stand the lies regarding Covid.

Neil Young was never a huge fan of Spotify, but he recently snapped because they air Joe Rogan’s podcast, which according to Young misinforms people about the virus and the vaccine. The show was also called out by scientists after Rogan invited anti-vaxxer epidemiologist, Dr. Robert Malone. He couldn’t help but react to this, and his former bandmate David Crosby, who is also known to dislike Spotify and anti-vaxxers, has supported his decision.

However, the musician hoped that more celebrities would join him in the protest, but he didn’t expect them to since it would affect them economically. He stated that it will be a huge loss for him to withdraw his songs from Spotify, but stressed that it’s unacceptable that the platform allows certain people to spread and encourage misinformation about Covid. Hence the musician accepted the consequences and pursued his threat.

He made sure also to state that his aim is not censoring but instead protecting young listeners who are prone to believing everything they hear. Even though he is friends with the Spotify owner Daniel Ek, he criticized him for ‘taking those steps’ and not working with him during this process to spread music instead of misinformation.

Here is how he explained his situation:

“Spotify represents 60% of the streaming of my music to listeners around the world, almost every record I have ever released is available – my life’s music – a huge loss for my record company to absorb. Yet my friends at Warner Brothers Reprise stood with me, recognizing the threat the Covid misinformation on Spotify posed to the world – particularly for our young people who think everything they hear on Spotify is true. Unfortunately, it is not.”

He continued:

“My good friends at Warner Brothers – Reprise also stand by me, and I love them for it. Misinformation about Covid cannot be accepted. I sincerely hope that other artists can make a move, but I can’t really expect that to happen. I did this because I had no choice in my heart. It is who I am.

I am not censoring anyone. I am speaking my own truth. I know Daniel Ek, who owns Spotify, a private business. I like Daniel. I wish he had not taken the steps he has taken because it stopped my music from being shared on his Spotify platform. It stopped us from working together to spread the music. But we are still friends.”

Instead of removing Joe Rogan’s podcast, Spotify removed Young’s songs which has apparently caused him so much loss. Today, many musicians are having problems with music streaming platforms as they complain about not receiving enough share of the streaming income. With the pandemic restrictions, most singers thought it would be a good financial solution to sell their catalogs, and Young’s bandmate David Crosby was one of these people. He even almost lost his house because of his financial problems and blamed the streaming platforms for not paying them enough.