John Mayer Explains What He Admires The Most About Eric Clapton


John Mayer recently revealed his love and admiration for Eric Clapton and stated that he wished to work with him in the ‘Journeyman’ album.

As you may know, the Clapton family has a close relationship with John Mayer. The young musician is not a stranger to the Clapton family as recently, Clapton’s daughter Ruth sang a John Mayer song and mesmerized her followers. The cover was loved, and Ruth admitted that she has a little crush on Mayer.

On the other hand, John Mayer is also deeply inspired by Eric Clapton, and he looks up to his work very much. In a recent interview with, Mayer revealed his thoughts about Eric Clapton. He stated what he admires the most about Clapton is that he always shares his inside information.

He stated that the reason for his immense love for Clapton is that:

“Eric has always been someone who turned his test around and showed you his notes. Every single time: ‘I got this from that person, I got this from him. I got this from her.'”

John Mayer not only expressed his love for the rockstar but also stated how much he wished to be included in Clapton’s R&B album ‘Journeyman’ because of his admiration for that style.

“I always wished that I could have a song that was on Eric Clapton’s ‘Journeyman’ album, I loved him so much that I’m not afraid to go, ‘I just want to feel what that’s like…'”

It is not a surprise that Mayer looks up to Eric Clapton’s music because their sound is similar. Mayer’s love for Clapton is mutual as in an interview Clapton attended six years ago, he said that he thinks John Mayer is a master guitar player. The next thing the fans are waiting for from the legendary singers is a collaboration.

You can watch Clapton’s interview from six years ago below.