James Young Picks The ‘Hidden Gem’ From Styx Catalog

Styx guitarist James Young picked one of the hidden gems from the band’s discography.

In a new interview with Songfacts, the rocker shared his thoughts on some songs in the band’s catalog. When it was the turn for the ‘hidden gem,’ Young named a song from the band’s 11th studio album ‘Kilroy Was Here.’ The guitarist explained why he chose that particular track:

“It’s been a long time since I’ve gone back and listened to the whole catalog. I did love doing ‘Heavy Metal Poisoning,’ because it resonated with something I’d read about how we are poisoning our soil by some of these heavy metals getting into our water stream from certain manufacturing processes. So, it’s sort of anti-Big Pharma.”

What’s The Most Fan-Requested Styx Song?

Before we reveal the name of the song, it’s worth noting that the same song hit the second place in a rock’s most hated songs list.

It’s one of the band’s biggest hits that peaked at number 3 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. The song was on the charts for more than 15 weeks but fell off in April of the same year.

Additionally, Young was not a big fan of the song. However, he decided to trust his bandmate and the writer of the song, Dennis DeYoung. The song eventually took place in ‘Kilroy Was Here.’ After DeYoung decided he would no longer go back on tour, the band dropped the track from their setlist.

When they asked their fans what the one song they wanted to hear a few years ago, the response was ‘Mr. Roboto.’

You can hear the song below.