Matt Bellamy Thinks Social Media Allows Conspiracist To Divide People

Muse’s Matt Bellamy revealed his opinions about social media and the internet age. He spoke about the changes in the mainstream media and stated that social media is not freedom of speech currently and represents the freedom to manipulate people.

Easy access to technology and the internet have made the world develop much quicker than at any other time. While the new generation adapted to this scene quickly, the older generations took their time and even questioned its purpose in society. With the emergence of social media, people became more engaged with each other and eliminated the difficulties of interacting with someone on the other side of the world.

Although social media can come with perks, it also has disadvantages. For example, a person could set up anonymous accounts and publish whatever they want without a filter. They can instantly agree or disagree with ideas, form groups, and directly affect others’ opinions. The concept of fake news and cancel culture have also emerged this way because the regulations on social media platforms are very loose, yet, it’s still the mainstream media.

Recently, Muse’s Matt Bellamy stated that this mainstream media allows people to manipulate each other freely instead of giving them freedom of speech. Anyone can say anything and influence others in today’s world if you ask him. Therefore it’s important not to believe everything on these platforms. According to Bellamy, social media does not give anything positive to the world except for making Mark Zuckerberg rich.

Here are Bellamy’s words on social media’s destructive aspect:

“People in the ’80s and ’90s felt like the mainstream media was just a big business in cahoots with the establishment. So when the internet started to emerge, the thirst for people to say what may be the truth was really strong. By the time we got to the early 2010s, I had come full circle. The lack of accountability became obvious to me.

It made me realize, ‘OK, this is just some people who can say whatever the f*ck they want. This is bullsh*t’. It’s not freedom of speech; it’s the freedom to manipulate. It’s the freedom to lie anonymously. The ridiculous irony is, all these people think they’re so anti-this, anti-that, but all you’re doing is making Zuckerberg rich.”

Unfortunately, hate speech on social media has become popular in recent years. Not just towards random individuals, but cancel culture also targets big groups, minorities, races, and celebrity figures. It allows one to state their feelings towards anything and everything all the time, making it very difficult to regulate those comments daily.