Elliott Randall Says Jimi Hendrix Had Plans To Work On A Project With Miles Davis


Elliott Randall talked about what would have happened if the late guitarist Jimi Hendrix had lived longer during his recent appearance on Rock History Music. Randall revealed that Hendrix wanted to collaborate with jazz legend Miles Davis for a special project.

A year before his sudden and early death on September 18, 1970, which unfortunately made him a member of the 27 Club, Hendrix had decided to work on a new record with famous jazz musician Davis. Shortly after they had met, the two icons started to share their ideas about music with each other and jam. Then, they decided to team up to work on an album along with drummer Tony Williams, and Hendrix and Davis had another person in their mind.

They sent a telegram to the Beatles’ Apple Records and invited Paul McCartney to their newly formed supergroup, but the bassist couldn’t join them. The trio continued the project, and their producer was Alan Douglas. However, it was doomed to fail, considering what happened in the recording sessions. According to the producer, Hendrix and Davis couldn’t write or compose anything because the jazz icon wanted $50,000 in advance.

During the conversation, Elliot Randall, who has made significant contributions to rock music as a session musician, highlighted that Davis and Hendrix’s album would be unbelievably amazing for rock and jazz music lovers. According to him, their plans to work together could have happened if Hendrix hadn’t passed away in such an untimely way. The guitarist emphasized that Hendrix was as talented as people said and had different ideas, and Randall wished he would still be alive.

Randall shared his ideas, saying:

“Yes, he was. It would have been amazing if he had still been alive. Jimi had all these wonderful ideas and plans. He and Miles Davis were going to do a project together. That would have been absurd. Both of them reaching to the moon.”

You can check out the interview below.