Noodles Confirms The Offspring’s New Album Is Ready

Noodles recently joined a chat with Atlanta’s 99X radio station and confirmed the Offspring finished their new album but hasn’t named it yet.

The guitarist told the following about their upcoming record:

“It’s done. It’s mastered. All the guys were on the bus and we just listened to the masters of the new record. It’s just done.”

When the interviewer mentioned that their new album took a while to record, Noodles responded:

“It’s kind of how we work these days. We don’t go in and just lock ourselves in the studio for six months. We kind of do it piecemeal — a couple of weeks here, a couple of weeks there.”

Noodles’ Words On The Recording Sessions

Two months ago, Noodles talked about how the recording sessions were going for the next album after ‘Let The Bad Times Roll’ in an interview with Colombia’s Radioacktiva. He said:

“It’s not like we go in and work for a whole bunch of months with [longtime producer] Bob [Rock] and then don’t see each other for a couple years. We get together every couple of months and go in the studio and work for a week to two weeks. That’s just how we like to work. And it’s always fun hanging out with Bob. He’s just a great guy. And we just talk about music, talk about ideas, what makes a song great — that sort of thing.”

Last October, Dexter Holland also spoke to Rock Sound magazine about their new album. He said they were progressing slowly and were in between mixing and working on demos. He explained that their process was a bit disorganized compared to before.