Jack White Mocks Terrence Howard’s Claims About Reinventing Physics

Jack White recently took to Instagram to make fun of Terrence Howard’s words on reinventing physics.

The singer shared photos of Joe Rogan and Howard from the Joe Rogan Experience and wrote:

“Hey everyone, just a reminder you should definitely be getting your facts about science and medicine from Terrence Howard and Joe Rogan. I wouldn’t waste any time trusting scientists or Dr.s who went to universities etc. for 12 years getting a PHD or anything. Nor should you trust anyone who understands what peer reviewing is etc. It’s really great that MMA Joe uses his platform in front of millions to make sure everyone gets the truth. Keep up the great work maga Joe, you’re HELPING people!”

What Did Terrence Claim?

During his appearance on the show, Howard told Rogan his ideas about physics will change how we understand the universe. In their conversation, Howard criticized current physics theories like gravity and zero, saying they’re too complicated and wrong.

He suggested that everything in the universe moves in waves and spirals, and everything is connected. Howard believes the universe is always in balance and full of electrical activity. So, he challenged traditional physics views. The actor also said he and his team have created a ‘new hydrogen technology’ called The Lynchpin.

Rogan Promoted The Show With A Message

He claims it could clean the oceans and improve drone defense. Before the episode aired, Rogan said their talk would be wild but hinted Howard might have something valuable. In a promo post for the episode, Rogan wrote:

“One of the most interesting conversations I’ve ever had, with the great and powerful Terrence Howard. It’s a wild one, and I’m sure there’s going to be a lot of mixed reviews, but as crazy as some of the things this man is saying are, he’s clearly brilliant, and if he’s right it’s going to change the world.”

People on social media had mixed reactions. Some supported Howard’s ideas and wondered if he might be a genius. Others thought he didn’t really understand the topics he talked about.

You can check out White’s post below.

Photo Credit: Jack White – Instagram