‘Give Paul Stanley A Break,’ Michael Starr Weighs In After Controversy

The long-standing debate surrounding KISS frontman Paul Stanley‘s alleged lip-syncing performances has gained new attention as Michael Starr, lead vocalist of Steel Panther, shared his thoughts on the matter in a recent cameo for the YouTube channel Syncin’ Stanley.

The controversy began when KISS embarked on their ‘End of the Road’ tour in 2019, with fans and critics alike accusing Stanley of singing to pre-recorded tracks. The situation intensified when a performance mishap involving drummer Eric Singer led to further speculation about the band’s use of backing tracks. Despite assurances from KISS manager Doc McGhee that Stanley sings every word during their shows, the debate has persisted.

In his recent cameo, Starr addressed the allegations, stating that he has seen the YouTube videos claiming Stanley lip-syncs but could neither confirm nor deny the validity of these claims. He also urged people to give Paul a break, acknowledging the rockstar’s legendary status and the support he and fellow KISS member Gene Simmons provided to Steel Panther early in their career.

Michael Starr started by explaining how not allegation are accurate:

“There’s a lot of things that aren’t true. Some people say I lip-sync all the time. That’s not true; that’s not true at all. I don’t care what people say. As far as Paul Stanley lip-syncing, God, I don’t know man. I’ve seen the YouTube videos [claiming that Paul Stanley is lip-syncing], and they seem to think that’s the case, but I cannot confirm nor deny those allegations. I just can’t.”

However, he ultimately exclaimed:

“Give Paul a break, give him a break. He’s f*cking Paul Stanley. I don’t know if you know this, but Paul and Gene [Simmons] really helped Steel Panther early on. So, rock on.”

As the lip-syncing controversy continues, Paul Stanley has also faced recent backlash regarding his comments on gender-affirming parents. With emotions running high and opinions divided, it remains to be seen how these debates will unfold and whether Stanley will issue any further statements on either topic.