James Hetfield Shares Which Car He Uses In His Daily Drives

The legendary metal band, Metallica lead vocalist, James Hetfield has been drawing great attention of the metalheads for a long time. Hetfield is also widely known as a longtime car enthusiast with having a great car collection that costs millions of dollars.

As you may remember, James Hetfield donated some of his classic cars from his worth collection to the Peterson Automotive Museum last year. The exhibition entitled ‘Reclaimed Rust: the James Hetfield Collection’ which included Hetfield’s classic cars, guitars, and iconic photos started on February 1, 2020. It had a great number of visitors for a long time.

Which Car Does James Hetfield Use In His Daily Life?

During the exhibition, his 1934 Packard, 1948 Jaguar, 1937 Ford Coupe, 1961 Lincoln Continental, and 1953 Buick Skylark drew great attention of the visitors. James Hetfield also released his first book named ‘Reclaimed Rust: The Four-Wheeled Creations of James Hetfield on July 28, 2020. The book consisted of photographs of his classic car collection.

Also, he gave specific details about how he customized his classic cars and his inspiration process. So, the book is a great opportunity to get inside James Hetfield’s head and discover his artistic side more. During his previous interview, Hetfield also revealed the car he loved to use in his daily life. He preferred to use a Tesla Model S P100D because it’s very fast and handy.

Here’s what he said:

“Well, I’ve got a Tesla that I’m in love with, but I love scaring people in that thing. Yeah. It’s the P100D Model S and it’s fast. It is fun and it handles really great. I know there’s plenty of people out there that are possibly anti-electric, but I don’t like to limit myself. I thought there’s no way I would ever love an electric vehicle, but this thing has some spectacular torque, and handling, I love it.”

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