Jacoby Shaddix Pays Attention To Mental Health Problems

Papa Roach frontman Jacoby Shadix shared his mission to bring awareness to mental health problems and suicide prevention.

In a recent interview with 99.7 The Blitz, the singer emphasized the significance of prioritizing mental health. He noted that in the past, people tended to overlook the mental well-being of others. However, he pointed out that a specific factor has played a crucial role in raising awareness and understanding about mental health:

“I feel like the pandemic really helped amplify some human issues straight up, and they were glaring right in our face.”

In the earlier days, the band seemingly had a singular purpose: to create rock and roll and have a good time. However, this simple intention evolved into something more profound and significant when fans began expressing that the band’s music had saved their lives:

“It’s something we never set out to do back in the day at all. Honestly, I just wanted to make rock and roll, have a good time, and then as I traveled the world in the early 2000s we met thousands upon thousands of people that were telling us, ‘Man, this music saved my life, this music brings me strength, brings me hope.’ I didn’t realize that.”

Shaddix Thinks Rock Music Heals

Shaddix has consistently addressed the importance of mental health in numerous instances in the past. Having grappled with depression for several years, the rocker, alongside his bandmates, has shared their perspectives on mental health through their music.

Beyond their songs, the frontman is of the opinion that the rock scene is making significant efforts to address mental health, in contrast to the actions taken by corporations. In a previous interview, he stated:

“I really, truly believe that rock music has been dealing with mental health issues since the beginning. It’s a way to express our demons, speak our truth, our darkness, and find some sense in all of it. But when it comes to broader strokes, the pharmaceutical companies have proved themselves not up to the task of taking care of our mental health. There’s a better way for us to fix ourselves other than just medicating the f*cking masses.”

You can listen to the recent interview below.