Dave Mustaine Gets Back In The Studio, Fans Suspect A New Megadeth Bassist


Megadeth co-founder Dave Mustaine recently posted a photo on his Instagram account and announced that he’s gotten back in the studio and while some fans expressed their excitement for the band’s upcoming work, others speculated that they found a new bassist following Ellefson’s firing.

There is no doubt that 2021 has been quite an eventful year for Megadeth and its members. As you may recall, some months ago, David Ellefson was accused of grooming an underage girl and his leaked sex video shocked the whole rock world as he was one of the musicians with the best reputation.

Following this, Megadeth fans were divided into two camps; those who demanded from Dave Mustaine to fire Ellefson, and those who argued that he should be forgiven as the other party involved had firmly stated that she was a consenting adult. Finally, Mustaine spoke up and announced that Ellefson had been fired from Megadeth.

With his recent post, Dave Mustaine signaled that they have gotten back in the studio, and the fact that he was holding his dog and the caption read ‘discussing solos with Romeo’ led to some comments considering Ellefson. While some joked about his dog being the new bassist, others asked him to ‘get Ellefson back.’ 

Here’s what Dave Mustaine wrote in the caption of his post:

Discussing solos with Romeo.”

Under which a fan commented:

The new bassist!!!”

And another fan said:

“Get Ellefson back come on.”

To which a fan responded:

“He was gone for a while and the albums were fine. I’m sure Megadeth will live without Ellefson.”

You can check out Dave Mustaine’s recent Instagram post below.

Photo Credit: Dave Mustaine – Instagram