Paul Stanley Shows Support To Ariana Grande Giving Away $1 Million Worth Of Free Therapy

In a recent tweet on his Twitter account, KISS lead singer Paul Stanley has reacted to the news that pop musician Ariana Grande‘s plans to give away $1 million in free therapy for people who can’t afford it.

As seen throughout his Twitter, KISS frontman Paul Stanley supports the ones suffering from mental illnesses and urges his fans to have compassion. Last year, when Kanye West tweeted some controversial statements and his wife Kardashian West claimed that he has bipolar disorder, Paul Stanley tweeted on this subject calling for compassion over Kanye’s mental health, saying we can make a difference for those suffering from mental illnesses.

It is also known that Paul Stanley had several issues growing up who was born with a facial deformity called microtia which left his right ear undeveloped and caused him to be deaf on the right side. He was bullied by the kids as they called him ‘the one-eared monster,’ he had no friends and lived with the constant fear of being alienated. Stanley also didn’t receive any support from his parents and had no shoulder to cry on because his parents lacked empathy and focused on their own problems.

According to the recent news, Ariana Grande has revealed her plans to give away $1 million worth of free therapy for her fans who cannot afford it, saying they are not alone. Also being a PTSD survivor, she stated that therapy should not be accessible to a limited group of people but something reachable by everyone, hoping this will be a helpful starting point and everyone is worth the effort and time.

Upon seeing the news, Paul Stanley has posted a tweet supporting Grande’s decision. He considered the news as the best news he has read all day and encouraged the fans to remove the stigma of life’s traumas and mental illnesses. He then called out to those affected who live in fear and isolation to let them know they are not alone and there is help, saying everyone’s illnesses matter.

Stanley’s tweet read:

“Probably The Best News I’ve Read All Day. Let’s remove the stigma of life’s traumas & mental illness. Those affected who live in fear & isolation need to know they’re not alone & there is help. Everyone’s illness calls for support & empathy.”

Below is the tweet he has posted.