Alice In Chains’ Jerry Cantrell Announces The Release Date Of His Solo Album

Alice In Chains guitarist Jerry Cantrell has announced the release date of his upcoming solo album, via a post on his Instagram.

Jerry Cantrell is mostly known for his successful career with the band Alice In Chains. After the vocalist Layne Staley’s death, he became the band’s lead singer, performed in most of the songs, and was praised for his distinct vocal style. Apart from his career with the band, Cantrell also pursued a solo career, releasing albums and contributing to other artists’ works.

As a part of his colo career, Cantrell announced on January 24, 2020, that he has been working on a new project. He started recording it on March 10, 2020 and announced that he completed the album on March 4, 2021. The album also marks his first full-length record since his 2002’s ‘Degradation Trip’.

In a recent post on his Instagram, Jerry Cantrell announced the release date of the album. Along with a black and white photograph of himself taken by Tony Aguilera, he revealed that the album will drop on July 29, 2021. In the photograph, Jerry Cantrell’s back is facing the camera below you can see the inscription ‘To Speak My Cursed Name,’ which is probably the album’s name.

Although it created great excitement among his fans, the caption of Jerry Cantrell’s Instagram post was quite plain:


Below is the photo posted by Jerry Cantrell.

Photo Credit: Jerry Cantrell – Instagram